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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

first thing first .. i have balls .. more ballz than ur true friends.
secondly .. is my blog ? still need own up ? is quite obvious ? lame
thirdly .. yes i apologize to u .. i m sry .. i know i am a bit over about this thing .. when u angry wouldn u do it ? jus like what u did last time .. attention seeker ? so stop all those ..........
fourth.. nobody ask me do .. neither did ur brother la those jiao lang said is out from my own mouth .. this is my guilt to u .
dun wan to care anything anymore , is tiring .
believe it or not , concentrading in O lvls right now nothing else .
ta ta ~
; 3:52 PM

Thursday, July 2, 2009

wads left ?
one corner suck thumb
n pls stop acting cute in class.. obvious to see de changing in voice
omg la really even if i not dulan u ur sound realli wtf ~ actting onli
lan eh .. if u say i kp fine .. i can dun ! but u jiust dun act cute in class can ler ! nb u wan diam diam whole day i also diam diam whole day swee swee for u
jus stop .. you f***t
!#$!#$#!@! disgusted by ur action ..
if u are seeing this blog swee ! change ..
i change also once u stop
rofl ..

reality.. =.=
realistic sia ..

sometimes i do miss back e old times . but thinking back i feel dulan wwad they did again !
why on earth is there such a jiao lang ? =.=
nb .. pekcek ..

anw i miss cass ! :x
love u my girl ~ !
; 9:56 PM

Monday, June 15, 2009

boo people !
in K.L now !
keke !
(: staying over at friend house ! woooohoooo ! hope can enjoy man ! :x
wakakakakaaa !
byee people !
oh no i gonna miss my pri sch gathering ! wt*
well its ok ~ !
haaas byee people (:
emo ! ><
; 3:49 AM

Sunday, June 14, 2009

yea man ! rottting blog ! :x
lukes intro me one new game ! dragonica something like dat? damm funny n lame !
nothing do jiu play haha !
going msia ltr on !
ooh ! with cousin friends ! omg .. hope is fun ?! :x
keke !
short post ! KH saw ler ma ? rofl ! myblog is rot n short n nothing nice to see ! keke !
okok g2g byee !

oh no ! dear is angry >< ! omg first time man she so angry !
of cox not angry me la ! i so nice ! :x bhb !
ok la dear i miss u man ! HAHA ! byeee
; 4:27 PM

Monday, June 8, 2009

back from boat n clark quay ! :x
was dear birthday (: went out with her of course !
went to boat quay first ..
alighted at raffles and walk to boat quay , ow i miss there .. my ex working place (:
i miss the people over there.. but only one friend was working today .. the rest didn ):
sadden! forget it .. walk past n say hello to my friend n we continuing walking to clark quay (:
i m such a bad bf !
i don't know where to bring my gf to celebrate ! ><
but nvm ... she dun mind anw .. i promised i will plan hao hao before going her with her next time (:
thn reach clark quay had dinner over there..
my wallet seems to get lighten ~
lol ..
get wad it means man ? :x
hahaa ! but nvm is her birthdat ^^V
keke !
so we anyhow walk ! :x like lost like dat. ... keke !
continue with our walk aft dinner ~
and decided to find mabel n her bf too .. but they haven had dinner but we had ler .. decided not to disturb them also we went back ! (:
went to Tm to buy present for her (:
keke !
thn send her home (:
n i home sweet home !
i hope she enjoy it ! :X n she did .. HAHa !
yeayea !
ok back home i online ! (:
chatting in msn ~
n wanning ~ dun be sad (:
bff * anything can chat with me like wad u did now (:
keke ! ok
lazy to type so much !
byeee people !

woaicassini ! keke ! :x mushy ~
; 12:01 AM

Saturday, June 6, 2009

boo ! back again !
hmm... sat suppose to go out with the tio n friends, but one of the trio cant make it .. so postpone it then ~
anw .. rotting at home ! hais .. nothing to do !
N my back HURTS ! been 3days ! oh %&^&%$#!
zzz !
boring ..
no show to watch, gamming until sian !
now is jiau jinshun ! w th ...
n i went blog hopping ? saw jiahui blog !
i wan nobody nobody but u ! :x
dam crap ! mr brown version ! u wan guys pls go jiahui blog n see ! :X
hahaaas !
signing off !

today is another fresh new day ! cheeeerup (:
dun feel emo ! or sad man !
haaa !
; 3:32 PM

Friday, June 5, 2009

owww !! didn went back tto school during holi prog !
wanted to slp actually , instead when i decided not to go school i keep waking up for no reason ,cant fall back to slp again ! fliping over n over again ! from 8 plus till 11! -.-
fine , woke up online as usual .. tv-ing , thn went down to pack my lunch !
wanted to do my revision on my own !
but many many things sudden pop out of my mind ! x.X
first maths , during holi prog our maths cher gave us worksheet for practise n so i didn finished it in school n brought back home to do, n i didn touch ! was trying jus now .. n still too chim , cant figure it out ! n fine , next sub !
comes science ! phy n bio .. both sub weakest of all -.- !
didn pay attention in class n now regretting ! too late ~ !
n so didn do once again ! duno wad to study man !
comes hist - ss !
ok fine i need to sort out all my sec 3-5 worksheet ! oh great i don't know where all my worksheet went to ?! oh crap .. n fine i didn do anything yet !
EL ? omg i will not think of it ! -.-
comes last ! ART ! oh great one subject that i don't have to study for ! n still now i m shading my sketches .. shade half way 5-10min then i felt bored ! >.< come back to comp and surf around , nothing better to do i decided to come blog ! haaa ! surprising man !
was thinking back to old times ! crap why should I !
all those inncident ! making me pissed yea .. still yea luckily i knew what happen and what kind of person i am ! i will change man !
not thinking anything else now ..

treasure everyone around you before losing it , i would be a pity if u do but as long as u have true friends around i guess everything is gonna to be fine jus like me (:
i will update whenever i m free or feeling bored (:
alright back to art thn , bye guys !
; 2:38 PM


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16feb :D
aquari (: